Ryan Taylor and Evan Duffield: Key Points from "What is DASH & Where Is It Going? 2017 DASH Open House"

Submitted by djere.admin on Sun, 12/03/2017 - 12:10
It is inevitable that Dash is going to be a better product than Bitcoin (30:00-34:00) Giving comes back to you even more than you gave => gifting economy. Complete transparency. Decentralized voting => prevents corruption. Dash intentionally addresses the unbanked. All you need is access to a device and an Internet connection. This is even possible in poor countries (eg Haiti or Venezuela). People should not have to live under corrupt and unjust governments. Removes power from corrupt governments who steal money from their people by diluting their currency. Dash is helping to make crypto-currency usable to every day people. Dash will hold its value better than local fiat currencies. Dash will be unfilterable and unblockable.