Rex is the owner of Djere Services Group, an IT consulting company. He hires 4 new employees:

  • Gina Scott
  • Owen Lancelot
  • Leonard Parks
  • Carla Roberts

Rex needs to create an account for each user:

  • usernames will be lastname.firstname@djere.com (Example: scott.gina@djere.com)
  • Each will use /bin/bash as their default shell and have the default home directory.
  • Gina and Leonard will be added to a new group that doesn't exist yet called "business_analysts"
  • Owen and Carla will be added to a new group that doesn't exit yet called "software_developers".
  • Djere.com has an associated ip address of, and people in the "business_analysts" group should ONLY should access to djere.com/business/
  • People in the "software_developers" group should ONLY have access to djere.com/software/

Please show all of the commands that Rex is going to need to execute to make all of this happen on Djere_RHEL_Server_01. Assume that Rex NEVER runs commands as the root user.

To create user accounts, assign them to specific groups, set default shells, and configure access permissions on Djere_RHEL_Server_01, Rex can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Djere_RHEL_Server_01 using his own account.

  2. Create the "business_analysts" group and the "software_developers" group using the following commands:

    • sudo groupadd business_analysts
      sudo groupadd software_developers
  3. Create user accounts for each employee using the "useradd" command:

  4. Assign the appropriate group to each user using the "usermod" command:

    • For Gina Scott and Leonard Parks (business_analysts group):
      • sudo usermod -a -G business_analysts scott.gina@djere.com
        sudo usermod -a -G business_analysts parks.leonard@djere.com
    • For Owen Lancelot and Carla Roberts (software_developers group):
      • sudo usermod -a -G software_developers lancelot.owen@djere.com
        sudo usermod -a -G software_developers roberts.carla@djere.com
  5. Configure the access permissions for the "business_analysts" and "software_developers" groups.
    • For the "business_analysts" group:
      • sudo chown -R root:business_analysts /var/www/html/business
        sudo chmod -R 750 /var/www/html/business
    • For the "software_developers" group:
      • sudo chown -R root:software_developers /var/www/html/software
        sudo chmod -R 750 /var/www/html/software
  6. Verify that the default shell and home directories are set correctly for each user. Rex can use the "grep" command to check the user's details:
    • For Gina Scott:
      • grep scott.gina@djere.com /etc/passwd
    • For Owen Lancelot:
      • grep lancelot.owen@djere.com /etc/passwd
    • For Leonard Parks:
      • grep parks.leonard@djere.com /etc/passwd
    • For Carla Roberts:
      • grep roberts.carla@djere.com /etc/passwd

With these steps, Rex will have created user accounts for each employee, assigned them to their respective groups, set the default shell to "/bin/bash," and configured the appropriate access permissions for the "business_analysts" and "software_developers" groups. Additionally, the "business_analysts" group will have access only to "djere.com/business/", and the "software_developers" group will have access only to "djere.com/software/".



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