Lebron is a high-level semi-professional basketball player in California. It's a beautiful summer day, and he goes to the local YMCA with his best friend Steph.

"I bet that if we both take 100 three point shots, I'll hit more than you," boasts Lebron.

"Bet, I'm going treat you like my disowned stepson, and I'm going to eat you alive," replies Steph.

They flipped a coin, and Steph went first. Steph proceeded to hit 100 consecutive shots. He then put on his "mini-GOAT" jacket, and confidently sat in his corner of the gym.

"Why'd you stop at 100?" asked Lebron.

"I could have hit 150 in row, but I couldn't do you like that. I know that you can't hit 100 in a row".

"That's how it is?" asked Lebron.

"That's how it is. I'm the mini-GOAT. LOL."

Lebron proceeded to shoot: 10 straight buckets....20 straight....30 straight...then he finally missed 3 point shot number 31.

"Okay dog, I lost what do I have to do now?" sulked Lebron.

"1,000 laps around the gym, 1,000 pushups, and you have to write on the white board 1,000 times all of the commands that a good LFCS should have memorized", replied Steph.

Lebron thought for a second and said "What's an LFCS?"

Steph replied "Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator. Basketball is great, but I'm probably going to be retired by the age of 40. I'll still have half of my life left: I'm going to be a Linux System Administrator in the Bay Area after I retire. Now get to work ROOKIE!!!!!"

Lebron thought to himself for a moment before starting his "payment" for his lost bet. He looked at his friend Steph out of the corner of his eye and thought "he's pretty good and he's got an ice cold three point jump shot. He just might make the NBA one day".

It took Lebron hours to run the 1,000 laps, and even more hours to complete the 1,000 pushups. He thought that he was completely burned out, but then he remembered what David Goggins said "When you're exhausted and you think that you're COMPLETELY done, you're only at about 40% of what you're truly capable of."

Lebron licked his wounds, swallowed his pride, and went to the white board to start writing:

"The commands that any LFCS candidate worth his or her title should have memorized:"

  1. ls: list directory contents
  2. cd: change directory
  3. pwd: print working directory
  4. mkdir: make directory
  5. rm: remove files or directories
  6. cp: copy files or directories
  7. mv: move files or directories
  8. cat: concatenate and display files
  9. less: view file contents one screen at a time
  10. grep: search for a pattern in a file
  11. chmod: change file permissions
  12. chown: change file ownership
  13. chgrp: change group ownership
  14. find: search for files or directories
  15. tar: archive and compress files and directories
  16. ssh: securely connect to a remote system
  17. scp: securely copy files to a remote system
  18. rsync: synchronize files between systems
  19. ping: test network connectivity
  20. netstat: display network connections and statistics
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