Robert Young is the co-founder of Red Hat. Once day, during a visit to the Red Hat campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, he wants to get a refresher course on how to add and remove users from a group. Bob logs into a RHEL server. Since he is now retired from the company, he wants to remove himself (username from the group "executives". His friend Linus Torvalds (username needs to be removed from the group "honorary_executives" and added to the group "emeritus_executives". 

Please give Bob a refresher on all of the commands that he will have to run. Assume that he NEVER runs commands as the root user.

Certainly! Here are the commands that Bob will need to run to remove himself from the "executives" group and to perform the necessary changes for Linus Torvalds:

  1. To remove Bob ( from the "executives" group:
    • $ sudo deluser robert.young executives
    • Note: The deluser command removes a user from a group. The sudo command is used to execute the command with administrative privileges.
  2. To remove Linus Torvalds ( from the "honorary_executives" group:
    • $ sudo deluser linus.torvalds honorary_executives
  3. To add Linus Torvalds to the "emeritus_executives" group:
    • $ sudo adduser linus.torvalds emeritus_executives

Note: The adduser command is used to add a user to a group. In this case, Linus Torvalds is added to the "emeritus_executives" group.

Please ensure that Bob and Linus have appropriate administrative access or permissions to execute these commands successfully. Also, note that these commands assume the use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or a compatible distribution.