Djere Services Group Publishes "Saxophone Mastery: 500 Dynamic Daily Etudes" on

Saxophone Mastery: 500 Dynamic Daily Etudes
"Saxophone Mastery: 500 Dynamic Daily Etudes", published by Djere Services Group

Saxophone Mastery: 500 Dynamic Daily Etudes:

  • On November 14, 2023, Djere Services Group published a 565 page book of saxophone etudes on The book is called "Saxophone Mastery: 500 Dynamic Daily Etudes". The book is here.
  • The book was written and published using Free Software such as the GIMP, LibreOffice Writer, MuseScore, PDF Arranger, Pop!_OS GNU/Linux, and Xournal++.
  • The book itself is Free Software, licensed under the Creative Commons Atribution 4.0 International license.
  • The book's source files are here.
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