Ina is a RHEL Manager at Red Hat. Due to an IT labor shortage, Red Hat is having a hard time filling all of its vacant engineering positions. Ina has to give a crash course on Docker to a group of very green young engineers straight out of college. They will have to start using and deploying Docker in 2 weeks. She needs to very quickly teach them the things that will make them competent Docker engineers in 2 weeks. What should she teach them? Please give command examples.

To quickly teach the young engineers the essentials of Docker and make them competent Docker engineers within two weeks, Ina can focus on the following key concepts and command examples:

  1. Installation and Setup:
    • Install Docker on their RHEL systems using the appropriate package manager or Docker's official installation script.
    • Verify the Docker installation by running the following command:
      • docker version
  2. Working with Docker Images:
    • Pull a Docker image from a registry (e.g., Docker Hub) using the following command:
      • Pull a Docker image from a registry (e.g., Docker Hub) using the following command:
        • docker pull image_name:tag
      • List the locally available Docker images:
        • docker images
      • Remove a Docker image:
        • docker rmi image_name:tag
  3. Creating and Running Docker Containers:
    • Create and start a new Docker container based on an image:
      • docker run --name container_name image_name:tag
    • List the running Docker containers:
      • docker ps
    • Stop a running Docker container:
      • docker stop container_name
    • Start a stopped container:
      • docker start container_name
    • Remove a container:
      • docker rm container_name
  4. Managing Docker Volumes:
    • Create a Docker volume:
      • docker volume create volume_name
    • List the available Docker volumes:
      • docker volume ls
    • Attach a volume to a container during container creation:
      • docker run --name container_name -v volume_name:/path/in/container image_name:tag
    • Remove a Docker volume:
      • docker volume rm volume_name
  5. Docker Networking:
    • Create a user-defined network:
      • docker network create network_name
    • List the available Docker networks:
      • docker network ls
    • Run a container and connect it to a specific network:
      • docker run --name container_name --network network_name image_name:tag
    • Remove a Docker network:
      • docker network rm network_name
  6. Building Custom Docker Images:
    • Create a Dockerfile (a text file with instructions) to define the image:
      • FROM base_image:tag
        COPY source destination
        RUN command
        CMD ["executable"]
    • Build a Docker image using the Dockerfile:
      • docker build -t image_name:tag .

These command examples cover the fundamental aspects of working with Docker, including installation, image management, container lifecycle, volumes, networking, and building custom images. By focusing on these concepts and providing hands-on exercises, Ina can help the young engineers become competent in using and deploying Docker within the given time frame.

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