Introducing Djere Services Group LLC

MY name is Rex Djere, and my new company is Djere Services Group LLC.

We give training on Blockchain, Cloud Computing, GNU/Linux, and Computer Programming.

I am currently the only employee, and what we teach now are MY core competencies.

As we add more employees, we will add more training topics.

The goal of the company will not just be to teach; the primary goal will be to EMPOWER.

I believe that every human being was created by God with a set of talents, and a mission to complete with those talents.

However, we live in a world where people are addicted to exploiting each other.

We make a majority of the world's population work a whole lifetime operating far below their God-given potential, for the benefit of an elite few.


ALL human beings, no matter how noble, are corruptible.

Djere Services Group will solve this problem using an IMMUTABLE social contract between the company and its employees.

This social contract will be submitted to a decentralized blockchain so that it CANNOT be changed without the approval of 95% of the company employees.

Lack of diversity at the top is a HUGE global problem.

For example, in the United States, women are not adequately represented in positions of leadership, nor are people of African, Asian, or Latino descent.

Djere Services Group will address this with a lottery-based promotion process:

The lives of many of the 7+ billion people on Earth are wasted because resources to build their skills and talents are not properly applied.

We will study and work to address this problem:

We will operate by principles learned from Free Software and Open Source software philosophies:

We will teach principles to Empower people against the unethical practices that now dominate global finance:

Every employee of Djere Services Group will be given a copy of Jim Whitehurst's "The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance".

We will encourage employees to forcefully push the company to ALWAYS adhere by the principles explained in the Open Organization:

God Bless You and your Family, and thank You for reading this post!!!!

This article was updated on December 5, 2021