Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a retired basketball player who made quite a name for himself in his hometown of Chicago. He is bored to tears, so he decides to apply for a job as a RHEL Engineer at the Sears Tower (he refuses to acknowledge any other name for the building). He gets the job. On his first day on the job, his boss calls him into his office for an urgent assignment.

"Michael, someone in our organization has created a report called "true_GOAT.txt". The report has 1,427 mistakes. It has the name "Lebron James" recorded as the true GOAT 1,427 times. I need you to find out who the true GOAT is, and replace every instance of the phrase "Lebron James" with that true GOAT".

Michael responds "Who is the true GOAT?"

His boss responds " I have no idea, but I have a gut feeling that you're the best qualified person to find out".

The next day, after hours of research, Michael knocks on his boss' door. His boss tells him to enter. "Boss, I think that I know who the GOAT is. There's only one man in NBA history with 10 scoring titled. This means that he beat every one of the best players in the world in scoring 10 times in a 15 year career".

His boss rubs his head and thinks for a moment, then he responds "Great work. But to be sure that he's the greatest, how many scoring titles does the second best guy have?"

Michael responds "the second best guy is Wilt Chamerlain, who had seven scoring titles. I forget to mention that the top guy also has 6 rings".

Michael's boss patted him firmly on the back and said "Great work Michael!!! The suspense is killing me. Who is the GOAT???????".

Michael smiles wryly and says "Michael Jordan".

"Hold on, you're telling me that YOU"RE THE GOAT?"

"Nah boss, it's a coincidence. It's some other dude named Michael Jordan."

His boss shakes his head in disbelief, and he begins to ask several questions":

1.) "Michael, what year were you born?"

                   "1963, boss".

2.) "What college did you attend."

                   "University of North Carolina".

3.) "How tall are you?"

                "About 6 foot 6."

4.) "How much do you weigh?"

         "About 218".

5.) "But you're not the same Michael Jordan whom you call the GOAT?"

              "Not me, he's another guy".

6.) "Whatever you say Michael, whaever you say".

After a brief pause, the boss says:

"Hey Michael, great work today. One last thing: Please change every instance of "Lebron James" in that document to "Michael Jordan"".

"Will do boss. Hey boss: one last thing. Does this remind you of anything?"

Michael balls up a piece of paper, spins, and shoots it into the trash can, nothing but net.

"My jumper is ice cold from 16 feet. Georgetown found that out the hard way back in '82."

Then he winks at his boss and gracefully exits.

So the final question to you, dear reader, is this: how is Michael going to complete the task assigned???


In Linux, there are a least 2 ways of doing this, and they are so similar that it makes it very easy to remember.
1.) The first way is using the sed command. Here is how you would do it using sed:
sed -i 's/Lebron James/Michael Jordan/g' true_GOAT.txt
2.) Here is how you would do it using vim, one of the most popular Linux text editors:
a.) open the file in vim: vim true_GOAT.txt
b.) Enter insert mode by hitting the letter i.
c.) Enter this command: :%s/Lebron James/Michael Jordan/g
d.) Type :wq to save and exit vim.