restrict access to a webpage

Ovetta is a RHEL Manager at Red Hat. is served up using Apache web server, and the ip address is Ovetta wants to restrict access to to anyone in the "developers" group on RHEL_Server_01. How is she going to do it?

To restrict access to the "/developers/" directory on the Red Hat server (RHEL_Server_01) to only members of the "developers" group, Ovetta can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to RHEL_Server_01 as the root user or a user with administrative privileges.

  2. Install the Apache web server if it's not already installed on the server. Ovetta can use the following command to install Apache:

    • sudo dnf install httpd
  3. Once Apache is installed, navigate to the Apache configuration directory:
    • cd /etc/httpd/conf.d/
  4. Create a new configuration file specifically for the "/developers/" directory:
    • sudo vi developers.conf
    • This will open the file in the vi text editor. If vi is not familiar, any other text editor can be used.
  5. In the configuration file, add the following directives to restrict access to the "/developers/" directory:
    • <Directory "/var/www/html/developers">
          Require group developers
    • Adjust the path "/var/www/html/developers" if the actual path differs. This assumes that the "/var/www/html" directory is the DocumentRoot for the Red Hat website.
  6. Save and close the file. In vi, press Esc, then type :wq and hit Enter.

  7. Restart the Apache web server to apply the configuration changes:

    • sudo systemctl restart httpd

Now, only members of the "developers" group will have access to the "/developers/" directory on the Red Hat server when accessing the website via Apache. Other users or groups will be denied access.

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