Jorge is a RHEL Engineer at Cisco. He has written a script called He wants to use the chmod command to set the following permissions on the script:

  • rwx for the ower
  • rx- for the group
  • none for all others

He also wants to give Rosalyn (username rosalyns) rwx permissions using the setfacl command. Please show all commands that Jorge will have to execute. Assume that Jorge does this from his non-root account.

To set the specified permissions on the script and give Rosalyn rwx permissions using the setfacl command, Jorge will have to execute the following commands:

  1. To set the permissions:
    • $ chmod 750
    • This command sets the owner's permissions to rwx (7), group permissions to rw (5), and other permissions to none (0).
  2. To give Rosalyn rwx permissions using setfacl:
    • $ setfacl -m u:rosalyns:rwx

This command adds a new access control entry (ACE) for user rosalyns with rwx permissions to the script.

Note: Jorge will need to have appropriate permissions to execute these commands. If he does not have appropriate permissions, he may need to use sudo or ask the root user to perform these tasks.

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