Ptah is the Director of Engineering at Google. He needs to give group and individual permissions on a RHEL system.

Ptah feels that it is very inscure to run commands as root, so he always uses sudo.

He needs to create the group new_engineers and give them read-only access to all of the documents  in /home/new_engineers/read_these_first , a directory which does not yet exist on his system.

He needs to create accounts for the following users, and make new_engineers their primary group (all users will have the username lastnamefirstinitial, for example Tate Brasdshaw should be bradshawt):

  • Tate Bradshaw 
  • Tashawna Hall
  • Christian McBride
  • Jaleel Shaw
  • Christina Aguilera

All 5 should also be added to the secondary group new_hires, which willl need to be created.

Finally, all 5 need read-write access to /home/new_hires/weekly_journal.txt, which has not yet been created yet.

Please show all commands Ptah will need to execute to make all of this happen.

  1. Create new group new_engineers:
    • sudo groupadd new_engineers
  2. Create new group new_hires:
    • sudo groupadd new_hires
  3. Create the directory /home/new_engineers/read_these_first:
    • sudo mkdir -p /home/new_engineers/read_these_first
  4. Grant read-only access to the new_engineers group:
    • sudo chmod -R 440 /home/new_engineers/read_these_first
      sudo chgrp -R new_engineers /home/new_engineers/read_these_first
  5. Create user accounts with the following usernames and make new_engineers their primary group:
    • Tate Bradshaw:
      • sudo useradd -m -g new_engineers -G new_hires -s /bin/bash bradshawt
    • Tashawna Hall:
      • sudo useradd -m -g new_engineers -G new_hires -s /bin/bash hallt
    • Christian McBride:
      • sudo useradd -m -g new_engineers -G new_hires -s /bin/bash mcbridec
    • Jaleel Shaw:
      • sudo useradd -m -g new_engineers -G new_hires -s /bin/bash shawjaleel
    • Christina Aguilera:
      • sudo useradd -m -g new_engineers -G new_hires -s /bin/bash aguilerac
  6. Create the file /home/new_hires/weekly_journal.txt:
    • sudo touch /home/new_hires/weekly_journal.txt
  7. Grant read-write access to the new_hires group for the file /home/new_hires/weekly_journal.txt:
    • sudo chmod 660 /home/new_hires/weekly_journal.txt
      sudo chgrp new_hires /home/new_hires/weekly_journal.txt

Note: Ptah will need to set the passwords for each user separately using the command sudo passwd username after creating their accounts.