Touch of Gospel Touch of Jazz Constitution ideas


In Touch of Gospel Touch of Jazz (TogToj), our boss won't be a person, instead we'll follow a document that we as members write collaboratively. Once the document is written, it will be immutable except without the consent of all of our band members: it'll be our Constitution. It will explicitly state our purpose and mission, how we operate, how we treat our members, and it will explicit state how we will NEVER treat our members.
Our Constitution will be written collaboratively, not by a single person. Here are examples of some ideas that might be in it.
1.) The purpose of our music is to honor and elevate our Creator, not any man woman or member of the band.
2.) Every member of the band will be treated with honor and respect, and the uniqueness and diversity of our members will be acknowledged. Every person's input, life experiences, and musical tastes will be seen as elements that adds to the band's strength.
3.) We'll write our original songs collaboratively and all band members will be credited as songwriters.
4.) Gospel music will always be the most important part of our musical portfolio, and when we play secular music, it must be positive music that uplifts people.
5.) All band members will be paid equal pay for equal work and member dues will be used to pay for song arrangements and other band needs.
6.) Prospective band members will be welcome. Their humility, character and willingness to learn are much more important than their musical ability.
7.) The ............. you get the idea.....
How might we write this Constitution? Collaboratively. We might get all of the new members into a room, and go to each person one at a time round robin style: what would you add to our Constitution? When they answer, we write it down. Next member answers, we write it down. Once we've gone around the room several times and we can't think of anymore ideas, we plug all that we've written down into ChatGPT and we ask it to write a 1st draft of our Constitution.
Then we improve it if needed, maybe run it through ChatGPT again, and this cycle would repeat until we have a document that everyone in the band is satisfied with. THEN we'd publish our Constitution online immutably so we and the whole world can see what we stand for. Publishing it online immutably can be done easily using the Interplanetary File System (IPFS):
Changing our Constitution would require the consent of all members and re-publishing the new version of our Constitution to IPFS.


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