Relis is a RHEL Sydamin at Red Hat. Using her non-root account, she needs to make Michael (username michael) a sudoer on her RHEL system using the visudo command. Michael does not currently have an account on her RHEL system. Please show and explain all of the commands that Relis must issue to complete this task.

Here are the commands that Relis can use to make Michael a sudoer on her RHEL system using the visudo command:

  1. Log in to the RHEL system as Relis.

  2. Create a new user account for Michael using the useradd command:

sudo useradd -m -s /bin/bash michael

This creates a new user account with the username michael, creates a home directory for the user, and sets the user's shell to /bin/bash.

  1. Set a password for the new user using the passwd command:
sudo passwd michael

This prompts you to enter a new password for the user.

  1. Use the visudo command to edit the /etc/sudoers file:
sudo visudo

This opens the sudoers file in the default text editor.

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the file and add the following line to grant michael sudo privileges:
michael ALL=(ALL) ALL

This line grants michael the ability to execute any command as any user using sudo.

  1. Save the changes and exit the editor by pressing Esc, typing :wq, and pressing Enter.

  2. Verify that the changes were made by logging out and logging back in as michael. Then, run a command that requires sudo privileges (e.g. sudo yum update) to confirm that michael has the necessary privileges.

It's important to be careful when granting users sudo privileges, as it can potentially give them access to sensitive system resources. Always use caution when editing the sudoers file, and consult the sudoers manual (man sudoers) for guidance on syntax and best practices.