Alyssa must get all Docker question correct on her RHEL-based LFCS exam to have a high probability of pasing. What must she know about Docker to get all of the probable Docker-related questions correct?

Here are some of the key concepts and commands related to Docker that Alyssa should be familiar with for the RHEL-based LFCS exam:

  1. Docker is a containerization platform that allows developers to package, distribute, and run applications in a containerized environment.

  2. A Docker container is a lightweight, standalone, executable package that contains everything needed to run an application, including the application code, dependencies, and runtime environment.

  3. Docker images are the building blocks of containers and are created from a set of instructions called a Dockerfile.

  4. Docker Hub is a public repository of Docker images that can be used to share and distribute container images.

  5. The docker command-line tool is used to interact with the Docker engine and manage Docker containers and images.

  6. The docker run command is used to start a new container from an image and specify runtime options such as port mapping and environment variables.

  7. The docker build command is used to build a new Docker image from a Dockerfile.

  8. The docker ps command is used to list all running containers, while the docker images command is used to list all available Docker images.

  9. The docker stop and docker rm commands are used to stop and remove Docker containers, respectively.

  10. Docker volumes are used to store data persistently outside of the container, and can be managed using commands such as docker volume create and docker volume rm.

  11. Docker networking is used to allow containers to communicate with each other and the outside world, and can be managed using commands such as docker network create and docker network rm.

  12. Docker-compose is a tool used to define and manage multi-container Docker applications using a YAML file.

  13. Understanding Docker security concepts such as image scanning, container isolation, and image signing is important for securing and hardening Docker environments.

These are just some of the key concepts and commands related to Docker that Alyssa should be familiar with for the RHEL-based LFCS exam. It's important to note that the exam may cover additional Docker-related topics, so she should review the exam objectives and study resources to ensure that she is fully prepared.

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