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The Djere Services Group's Principle Ethics Document is our foundational document that outlines our business design and core principles. To ensure its immutability, this document MUST be stored using a decentralized blockchain technology that is not controlled, and can never be controlled, by Djere Services Group. Any changes to the Principle Ethics Document MUST be approved by a consensus of at least 95% of our current employees. Every revision of this document MUST include a link to the previous revision in both Portable Document Format (.pdf) and the source format (.odt). Section 1 of the Principle Ethics Document must be read in its entirety at any formal Djere Services Group meeting attended by two or more Djere Services Group employees. The most senior employee present capable of reading Section 1 will read it (this includes virtual meetings).


.pdf file: The latest revision (Revision 9, 2023 June 06) of our Principle Ethics Document is here.

.zip file: The source files for Revision 9 are here.


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    • 052f5bbded6cb6175e692911b864aefce699f0dc013316525029aa7e60410844
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