Would LVM be widely used within companies such as Red Hat?

Yes, LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is widely used within companies such as Red Hat. Red Hat is a leading provider of open source solutions, and LVM is a key component of their enterprise Linux distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

LVM provides a flexible and scalable way to manage storage volumes on Linux systems, which is especially important for enterprise environments with significant amounts of data. Red Hat and their customers have vast amounts of data that need to be stored and managed efficiently, and LVM provides features like disk striping, mirroring, and resizing that make it an attractive option for managing their storage infrastructure.

In addition, Red Hat has contributed significant resources to the development and improvement of LVM over the years, and they continue to provide support and guidance for their customers who use LVM. Red Hat also offers training and certification programs for LVM, which further demonstrate the importance of this technology in their enterprise offerings.

Overall, LVM is a mature and widely used technology in the Linux world, and it is a critical component of Red Hat's enterprise offerings.

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