Log in and switch users in multiuser targets

Context: RHCSA

Log in and switch users in multiuser targets

In the context of the RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) certification, logging in and switching users in multiuser targets involves accessing the system and switching between different user accounts within a multiuser environment. Here's how you can accomplish this:

  1. Log In to the System:

    • On the physical system: Power on or wake up the system and wait for the login prompt to appear. Enter your username and password to log in.
    • Via SSH: If you're accessing the system remotely, establish an SSH connection using the ssh command with the appropriate username and IP address/hostname of the system. Enter the password when prompted.
  2. Switch Users: Once you're logged in, you can switch to another user account using the su command (which stands for "substitute user") followed by the username. You will be prompted for the password of the user you want to switch to.

    su username

    Replace username with the desired username. For example, to switch to the user "john":

    su john

    Alternatively, you can use the sudo command to execute specific commands with superuser privileges without switching to another user account. This requires the appropriate sudo configuration. For example, to run a command as the user "john" with superuser privileges:

    sudo -u john command

    Replace command with the desired command to execute as the user "john".

  3. Switch Back to the Original User: To switch back to the original user account, use the exit command or press Ctrl+D in the terminal.

It's important to note that switching users and using the su or sudo commands may require the appropriate permissions and configurations set by the system administrator. Additionally, be cautious when switching to user accounts with administrative privileges and exercise proper security measures.

Understanding user management and switching between user accounts is a fundamental aspect of the RHCSA certification, and practicing these commands will help you become familiar with the process.

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